Norway and North Cape Sailing-Safari

The North Cape in light Nordic midsummer nights
Sailing hiking and skiing - Northern Lights, fjords, whales and magnificent natural
7 to 10 days from Tromso and Alta
from 1.590,00 €
Final price* (p.P. inkl. Vollpension (incl. full bord))

Norway and North Cape Safari for active connoisseus of nature.

An unique experience awaits you at the edge of the Arctic.
Be fascinated by the northern lights, glaciers, midnight sun, and up to 1,000 meters steeply rising cliffs.

The Norwegian shipowner shows with enthusiasm his country, serves aboard his ketch with gigantic natural spectacles and shows you his secrets: the animals of his homeland as sea eagles, puffins, cormorants, ocean gannets, whales, dolphins, seals, mysterious caves and giant waterfalls.

Depending on the season, the sailing trips are discussed as sailing and hiking trip, sailing and skiing trip or sailing trip and bird watching.

On the hiking trips in the summer we walk about 10 km with a maximum of 700 to 800 m in altitude per day. As far as the weather permits, we plan hikes so that we can live at midnight on the top of the magic of the midnight sun above the Arctic Ocean.

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