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Heavenly Caribbean and rough Atlantic

Names like Antigua and Martinique, Dominica and Curacao create an irresistible sense of freedom, space and adventure. Resistant trade winds inspire the sails in the Caribbean at any time and ensure that the air temperature moves around a pleasant 25 degrees. Whom sailing trips in the Caribbean do not promise enough adventure, should opt for an Atlantic crossing under sail: With ivent sailing you can on big yachts like the "Chronos", huge windjammers like the "Royal Clipper" or stylish on the Sea Cloud as Passenger "to hire". Is it even more authentic? Yes! On the "Stad Amsterdam" or the "Alexander von Humboldt II" you will be on board as a trainee and will be active under supervision in the yards and on the deck. Or you choose a cruising yacht on the ARC. Even more intense childhood dreams can hardly be realized.

We fulfill sailor´s dreams.

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Why not charter an entire ship

Sail with ivent sailing and a luxurious crewed performance yacht or a down-to-earth Bavaria around Elba, one of the most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean Sea. According to old myths, Venus, the goddess of love, once lost a string of pearls in the Tyrrhenian Sea. From this emerged the Tuscan archipelago with the islands of Elba, Giglio, Capraia, Pianosa, Montecristo, Gianutri and Gorgona. And the largest of these pearls turned into Elba. See for yourself by renting a Sailboat Charter with your best friends. All yachts are seaworthy. The "Bavaria 46" is almost fifteen meters long. She has four double cabins and a spacious saloon. The Nohea is 25 meters long and offers a luxurious sailing experience for 6 guests. With ivent sailing it is easy to charter your dream ship. Now it's just "Cast off!" - the blue bathing bays are already waiting.


Charter a luxury yacht - and the enjoyment begins

As a sailor and connoisseur, you can fulfill a lifelong dream with ivent sailing and charter a complete Charter a luxury yacht. She is solely there for you and your friends - including the crew, who only take care of your well-being 24/7. Then it goes, for example, with the "Rhea" from Sardinia to Corsica, from Antibes to St. Tropez or from Mallorca to Ibiza and back. Included in the luxury:

    Four-Stars-Hotel Comfort
    Each cabin with private shower/toilet and air conditioning
    Meals and sleeping possible on deck
    Bathe directly from the ship.

Relax, experience team spirit or discover unknown worlds - as a guest on board or as a crew member sailing with you. On noble classic yachts, fascinating racing yachts or majestic tall ships, right outside the door in Warnemünde on the Baltic Sea, in the Caribbean and the Mediterranean, on the Atlantic and the Indian Ocean; You can do all of this with us! Because with ivent sailing your dream of a sailing adventure becomes reality.

We fulfill Sailor´s Dreams2>

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