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Follow Your Dream - Come sail with us.

Enjoying the scenery in the cockpit or driving behind the wheel.

Day trip with skipper to the Baltic Sea from Warnemünde.
10 am to 4 pm.
Also available as gift vouchers.

from 795,00 €
Final price* (pro/per Yacht)
Follow Your Dream - Come sail with us!

Enjoy the freedom and adventure on the Baltic Sea. Feel the wind on your skin and hear the sound of the sea.

From the perspective of the sailors Warnemünde silhouette appears in a different light. Off the coast there is always something to discover, perhaps, the pilot descends from the pilot boat on a cargo ship to you or meet a legendary yacht, won the race around the world.

The individual day trip will inspire experienced sailors who want to once again feel the wind and sea as well as "landlubbers" who gather on a dayly cruise first sailing experience. Just as you wish, you can let the experience sink in and just enjoy yourself at the wheel or ride under the guidance of the skipper maneuvers.

The route depends on wind and weather as well as the individual wishes of our guests.

By the time you feel with the hand at the wheel of the wind in the sails, you are infected from sailing virus.
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