FAQ VOLVO Ocean Racer

Price in Euro p. Ticket


The prize includes a day trip on an original VOLVO OCEAN 60 Racers or a high-speed trimaran including professional crew, sailing clothing and packed lunch. 


Vouchers and dates: The legends of sailing can actually be chartered exclusively exclusive. Some dates in the year are available for individual bookings. First, get sailors who have a voucher, the ability to choose an appointment. Remaining seats going to the open market. Dates for individual bookings are available in the summer season about 2 months in advance. We recommend that you first buy a gift certificate and then select one of the available dates. First, you can book a voucher that you redeem later. About the possible dates you will be informed on a regular basis. Of course you can also buy a gift certificate as a unique gift that the recipient can then redeem your choice for a day on theVO 60 or the trimaran. 


Sailing skills required: no. Minimum age 14 years. Sailors with normal physical condition. 


Please bring: Shoes with non-slip abrasion resistant soles as bright and warm clothing, if necessary, scarf, hat and gloves, sunglasses and sunscreen.


Schedule: If you may find at 9:30 am in the lounge of racing based on the Rostock city harbor. Here you can get waterproof clothing and change clothing regardless of weather conditions. At 10 am time has come - you can go on board. On the way to Warnemünde the professional crew in the ship gives first instructions. Against 10:45 am, you will pass the lighthouses of Warnemünde. The adventure can begin. The sails are set and take depending on wind and weather heading for Denmark or Kühlungsborn. After a day of sailing with the VO, you are welcomed to 16 clock of the picturesque silhouette of Warnemünde. You will pass the pier and let happen on the way to the port city of the memorable day with a nightcap in review. Against 5 pm you're back in the city harbor. 


When trimaran sailing to return after about 5 hours. 


The safety of guests and the ship comes first. The ships are equipped with extensive security armor and removed from the maritime professional association. As they undergo regular training vessels to strict controls. Every sailor gets a life jacket and a safety harness. The ship is run by a professional skipper and a crew of 2-3 professional sailors, who can sail alone without the help of the guests. For the season in the very rare case of storm over 8 Bft, the trip by the skipper in the interest of the guests will be postponed to another day. The ships are designed for worldwide use in harsh weather conditions.