Sailing Event at High-Speed Trimaran

Unique team event on high-speed trimaran
Never a team event was so elementary.
Ride a day on the trapeze over the sea.
from 200,00 €
Final price* (Pro Person (per person))
A day with adrenaline and speed on the water.

To experience the fascination of high-speed sailing up close? - Get on board?

Be fascinated by sophisticated marvels of form and material.
Do you dream to sail aboard a legendary racer?
You are looking for the thrill of speed on the water and want to sail with nearly 30 knots (more than 50 km / h) over the water?

Experience the most successful of the ORMA trimaran class live. The ship is still one of the fastest racing yachts in the world and also in light winds a bullet on the water. Fly a day in the Keystone of the Baltic Sea. This unique experience will make your team more closely welded together. In unfamiliar surroundings, different rules apply. Blockes communications dissolve as if by the energy and emotion will long be felt in the team after and inspire you in everyday life.
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