Sailing Cruise Canary Islands

Segeltörn Kanaren - Segeln, Sonne und Passatwind Bavaria 55 mit viel Platz und Top-Ausstattung ab Gran Canaria. Hier buchen.

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Sailing, sun, palm trees and trade winds in the winter in the Canaries

In addition to our 15 m boat and the whales cavort in front of us lies the white volcanic peak of Mount Teide. With high probability we can go whale watching, because in the Canary islands have 27 species of whales. The big porpoise here brings forth their babies and pilot whales, you can find here with pretty high probability.

Experience the fascination as part of a sailing crew to conquer the land beyond the horizon and to enter the tingling feeling in an unknown port. As sailors, you are part of the crew and take active part in the life on board.

Sail on the day on the long Atlantic wave and you will be amazed by the mountainous coasts of the exotic volcanic islands. Nights at the quaint and bustling harbors, palms and exotic flowers. We usually sail from Puerto de Mogan, Gran Canaria to Las Galletas in Tenerife after first run, then Valle Gran Rey on La Gomera, one more night to enjoy Gomera in San Sebastian, before we head to San Miguel in Tenerife. For the end we return to Puerto de Mogan.

The crew expect winds between 2 to 3 bft in the cover of the islands and 6 to 8 bft in the channel between the islands.

Passionate active sailors love sailing holidays in the winter at the islands of eternal spring with the temperament of the Atlantic. They come on board.
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