Holiday trip Dänemark and Kopenhagen

On to Copenhagen
As a connoisseur in the cockpit or behind the wheel. For experienced sailors and novices. Every hand is needed on board. Holiday cruise from Warnemünde
Namen der Segler 

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On to Copenhagen. In the north the Baltic countries beyond the Baltic Sea.

Where you could work out the way rules better than at sea while crossing one of the busiest shipping lanes in the world?

On the trip you expect impressive ships, huge cloud of chalk cliffs and high wind farms and magnificent castles in the Sound. With flying north / northeast, we sail straight across the Baltic to Klintholm. As we cross the Deep Water Way on the German-Danish border, one of the busiest shipping lanes, ferry demand and quickly propelled cargo vessels, the whole attention of the crew. In the afternoon the cliffs of Moen expect your visit.

Far from Copenhagen greet us see the Oresund bridge and giant wind farms before we find on the starboard side sitting the little mermaid. Copenhagen invites you to stroll in the evening.

Depending on the weather and crew wishes it goes the next day in the Sound. If necessary. there is still time for an evening in a modern and vibrant Malmo. The stop on the way back, we can get in Dragoer or Falsterbo, where the Falsterbokanal is also an experience.
The detailed design may vary depending on the weather. 

A suggested route is Warnemunde Falsterbo - Helsingör - Copenhagen - Klintholm - Warnemünde. Depending on the weather and the wishes of the crew many variations are possible.

Denmark is one of the most popular cruising grounds. Excellent wind conditions, well-equipped ports and friendly people await us.

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