Active Sailing with the Clipper Stad Amsterdam

Discover the challenging circumnavigation of Cape Hoorn
Under strenuous conditions you will sail in the notorious sailing regions of the world.
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Sail around Cape Hoorn:

The clipper Stad Amsterdam will be sailing around the famous sailing region of Cape Hoorn this coming December, during the summer of the Southern Hemisphere. The notorious archipelago on the south point of Patagonia is world-famous for its constantly changing weather conditions and untouched nature. The clipper will sail around the archipelago against the air currents, from east to west.

Cape Hoorn, also known as the “Terrifying Cape” or the “Mount Everest of the sailors” is the infamous sailing region, which is a challenge for every sailor.

In 1616 Cape Hoorn was discovered by the dutch and was named after the port of departure of the sailors “Hoorn”. At the time ans well as today the sailing region is very demanding and tedious. While trying to navigate around the cape many ships and crew members have been lost. Not selden has it come to the point that ships were not able to navigate around the cape and therefore were forced to take the longer route over Australia. Such as in the famous case of the “Bounty”. Historically circumnavigations took between 5 and 99 days, due to the given weather and wind conditions. In this region ships struggle to fight against winds up to 30 knots. In the 17th century these cruises were often tortures for the crew and material, leading to an adrenalin risen and dangerous voyage. Even today the region demands experienced sailors to new struggles and challenges. Same as in the time of the discovery of the cape you will sail on a 3 bark ship with classic square sails.

On the cruise from Buenos Aires, Argentina to Valparaiso, Chile, you will be sailing non stop until you have reached the end destination. This sailing trip is an active cruise, where guests are part of the crew and will participate in daily routines to be part of the circumnavigation of Cape Hoorn. Explore the landscape and nature of Patagonia from a clipper with comfort and safety.

Sun, palm trees and sail under the African sun.

Explore a more original archipelago with spectacular landscapes and a vibrant cultural mix of Africa, South America and Europe. Off the African coast each island has its own world of volcanic landscapes. We will discover port cities with a colonial charm, lush green mountains and beautiful scenery.

Enjoy the indescribable feeling of sailing at sea and exploring distant islands. It is planned to visit six of the unique pearls in the Atlantic Ocean. We are fascinated by the breathtaking night sky as we anchor in a sheltered bay or sail with the trade winds in the night.

Forget the cold winter days.

The traditional sailing trip offers the unique chance to be actively involved in sailing maneuvers and climb the yard or you can choose to relax and unwind under the sun.

Guests have been wowed by the devine experience the tall ship has to offer and therefore return as often as possible.
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